Why Someone’s Opinion Of You Doesn’t Determine Who You Are

Everyone Is Painting Their Own Artwork

What others think of you shouldn’t be a factor in determining who you are, as your sense of self-worth shouldn’t be affected by their opinion about you. When we are young we consider the opinions of others because we want to be accepted and fit in. As we grow older and gain confidence in ourselves It doesn’t really matter what others think of us. Let me be very clear in saying it is important to have our peers respect us, but we should not place our self-esteem in their hands. Acceptance of oneself can help us connect with our core-self and gives us feedback on our individuality. But it doesn’t have to dictate our self-worth because who we are is far superior to the opinions of others.

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What are your experiences? Do you think that what others think of you does not determine what you are, as long as you don’t allow to allow it? Many people are influenced by the opinions of those closest to them. This includes family, friends and work colleagues. In particular, family holds the biggest influence on our lives and may undermine our self-worth. I know many people from various cultures in which parents play an important role in the choice of career for their kids. While their intentions are noble, it is shameful to family names if the child does not pursue the noble career of a doctor, a lawyer. Do you find this a thing that you connect to within your family or your culture? If yes what did you do to deal with it and did it impact your self-worth?

Nowadays, everyone is a skeptic about what others should do in their lives, but very rarely are they examining their personal lives. In my role as coach and speaker I’ve yet come across anyone who is able to keep all the things under control. This is in the best possible way insofar as our life is still a process in progress and we might never achieve our full potential. It is why we mustn’t be judgmental of others since everyone is creating their own masterpiece the best they can. As a young adult I was constantly worried concerning the judgments of people around me and it affected my self-esteem and confidence. What I was expected to be, I never could be and I was hurt trying to be the person they thought I was.

Then, they disintegrated since I was not willing to diminish my self-worth in order to placate them. I lived my beliefs even if it required me to make myself a mess. It was imperative that I found my way, instead of living up to someone’s opinion of me. Unfortunately, few people can tell you how to live your life. They might claim to have the knowledge of what is best for you, but most of the time it’s an impression of what’s good for you. It is our responsibility to follow our own way since that is how we learn and grow as individuals. And yes, it is difficult to watch a loved one make unnecessary mistakes however, they could be necessary for their personal growth.

We Discover Our True Potential in the Darkest of Moments

Our role is not to solve their issues, but to empower them with support and encouragement to get through it. It can be difficult particularly if the person is struggling with addiction to alcohol or has been experimenting with drugs, and we do prefer not to let them be in this situation. It’s not my intention to claim that I have the answer but I am aware that psychological support will be the best way to assist people in working through their difficulties. How do you feel about this so far? I’m sure you have lots of questions and opinions about the information you’ve read. I recommend you write down your thoughts and then sit with them for a few days, to observe what thoughts come up.

It is not our responsibility to let the opinions of others to determine who we are because their perception isn’t true. Naturally, our life path will evolve as we grow older, and we’ll encounter various lows and highs at times when it may seem like our lives is spinning out of control. But that’s an aspect of our journey to discover who we are hidden in the rubble of the abyss, despair, and dead-ends. This is a sign of becoming overwhelmed and feeling desperate in the midst all our experiences. I know, because I’ve been there and I know how difficult it can be to feel like the only one in your personal life. In the years that came, I experienced an increase in consciousness that led to major changes for me in life. I experienced new insights about my life in those times of despair. Sometimes, suffering and pain may force us to grow and evolve, which means that life will take us wherever it wants to.

We shouldn’t be able to resist these situations and instead, embrace our problems with full conviction. Only we are the ones to determine our identity. It may require going in one direction and coming to a stop, so we can discover our full potential in those darkest moments. Therefore, whether you’re facing difficulties or challenges, or helping loved ones navigate their struggles, take note of where they’re leading you. Avoid getting overwhelmed by the difficulties because it is temporary and will end eventually, as long as you continue in genuine faith. If we believe the opinions of others determine the person we are, then we’re less likely to be a person of integrity. Ultimately, the greatest tragedy is to follow the footsteps of someone’s opinion is not that important to us.

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