Know Thy Etheric Self

If you’re a committed believer in karma, destiny and destiny, you may not appreciate the things I will say. If, however, you are seeking truth, and you have an open mind, looking for objective facts You might be interested in the ideas I put out here and then see the direction they take your reflections.

The whole purpose of religion has been controlling the people. This is its purpose and objective, to keep huge numbers of people under control and easily manipulable to do blatantly ridiculous or even sinister actions.

Going back in history to the rise of Christianity or Islam We can observe the rapid growth of those religions was based on wars and conquering cultures that were weaker and forcing conversion and death. How could decent humans be able to attack and kill innocent, unarmed culture? Because they are so controlled by the beliefs of religion and the promises of a better life.

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The primary function of religion is to control it, and government is the modern ‘church’, they share the same thing, they control the mass. Religion has been losing effectiveness, which led to the growth of religious extremists and certain governments are incorporating religion into the law and social rules. Authorities are losing power to manage the masses and they must find an avenue to regain total control over the population.

The internet has created problems for authorities, it provides information to the masses and incites independence in the minds of people. Examples include the Arab Spring (a series of anti-government protests, uprisings, and armed protests that swept across much of the Arab world during the early 2010s), or mass protests in the USA, could not be possible without the internet. The governments had to come up with ways to manage people. Taking the lessons of religion they devised a strategy to force people to follow the same rules as sheep. The idea is that the authorities, along with the religious leaders, are trying to protect you, yes you personally.

To control a mass populace is extremely difficult if they are strong, so like in any war in order to win, it is necessary to weaken your victim so it is easy to eliminate them.

Religious authors developed the idea of Karma and Destiny. What happens to you today is your destiny due to some thing you’ve done in past lifetimes. You don’t know which one it was, or who you were however, you take your destiny and life circumstance now, because you deserve it, it is your fault. destiny, fate, and karma. And If you obey now, then next life will bring you an opportunity to reap the rewards.

That next life could be heaven or another human incarnation, depending on the religion you ascribe to. The main point is, you’ll follow what you are told and not fight because you can’t be sure of other than through blind faith.

The religious world also loves the idea of telling you how you’re so weak that you cannot understand God This does make sense, but everything is God’s will as well. God will have an agenda, therefore you must suck it up and believe in whatever it is. You are too stupid to understand, so trust me’ and I will tell you what is really taking place. If you believe them and they’re correct that you are not smart enough to be able to comprehend, because you gave up the valuable and unique human characteristics of common sense and logic reasoning.

If fate, karma, and God’s plan are true, and that everything is as God would like to have it and that we were created by God so why do us have this inborn need to improve things in order to rectify the wrongs, to assist others and change our own? It is evident that God put those feelings into ussince everything we are is made by God.

If God gave us the desire to make changes then why should God provide us with that desire and then say that we should not do anything about it because everything is as He would like to have it?

The only way one can accept destiny and karma is through blind faith. There is no logic or reasonable explanation that we should suffer through this life because of things committed in our past lives that we have no idea which they are. And that if we do well this moment, in the future life, that we do not be aware of regarding this life, we will be rewarded. If we make a donation to the church and religious leaders, after our death, we will go to heaven, guaranteed or get your money back!

It’s all about blocking you from independent thinking and rational reasoning, which is how you’ll grow and evolve, and substituting it with a blind trust in everything you are told regardless of facts that prove it to be false.

As God declared in the Adam and apple story “Now that Adam has consumed from The Tree of Good and Evil, we must prevent Adam from eating from the Tree of Eternal Life, to prevent him from becoming like US.’

Then, take him out of your garden, now he is aware of the reality of what we’re doing before he revolts and takes on us. Take a look at the story using logic that is the mind of children who have not was programmed. Then observe what you make of the tale.

A brief lesson in behavioural psychology is appropriate to help put this into perspective. If a person is convinced they are right and is unable to convince them that they’re in error. No matter how much you explain to someone who has an uninformed mind, yet is certain that they have an open mindset, they’re being closed-minded but you’ll never break through to them. If the student is sure they know, it is impossible to educate them about anything. Are you aware of what the meaning of the bible story is?

Let’s move up to the present, which is at the end of 2020. Like I said the internet has led to massive riots, and even rebellions that have caused major changes and issues for governments in controlling their citizens, and it is not able to be prevented. The only option was to find a method of weakening the masses through anxiety to force them to surrender their freedom and rights without hesitation.

And so we have Covid. The government recommends that you remain at home, not go out to exercise or go out, and be fit and healthy. Breathe by wearing a mask so your body is not able to get oxygen that is essential to create blood and keep your brain healthy, don’t remain more than two meters away (depending on the city you live in and the location of the virus, it seems that it flies greater in certain regions than others) Also, check your temperature every couple of minutes, moving from one store to another in the same place A family can be together, and a couple can have sex, but they cannot share a table in a restaurant. One of the most harmful is to register every place you go make sure your phone runs the app that traces your every move and location throughout your day.

You cannot meet your wife who is dying in the hospital, and you can’t visit your grandchildren during holiday, the brutalities being committed to keep us safe while destroying our humanity, our essential desire for human interaction and connections and the right to earn some money and be able to afford a house and food and any visitor from another planet would be horrified.

All in the name of our security. Yet the obvious facts show that there is nothing to fear, other than the fear-mongering that governments are pushing out through the press which sells terror. One person is employed at a desk, and is said to have the condition. Everybody else in the building is required to shut down. There is no one else to be sick.

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