Top Secret to Making Money Blogging

The past was when making money blogging was not a reality to many bloggers as only a handful were in a position to make online income source through blogs.

Are you still thinking about earning money from blogging? Then it is time to get to the reality of doubt because making money is easier than ever with the use of effective and affordable online tools.

Having a simple blog anyone can earn thousands or even millions monthly, but the truth is that only a few blog owners have managed to maximize return on investment, the application of knowledge is the key to success! So, I’m guessing that’s the case? Many bloggers are making it big time within the blogging world; On the other hand, some do not have a reason to be so because they have laid hold on the same secrets I’m about sharing with you.

My question is: What is your personal stats?

Do you have a blog?

Are you making a profit with your blog?

If your answer is yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Good for you, but If you’re not sure, then you should go through the remainder of this post as I will show you how I earn money online with my blog.

There are many ways you can earn money from blogging, but I’ll concentrate on the simple one and I hope you follow me as I lead you. Visit:-

1. Make a blog plan Write down your blogging plan
Friend , if you are planning to earn money through blogging, you need to write out your blog’s strategy very well. Because success requires the following plan of action, so grab a pen and paper and sketch out a few of the things you would want to save with your blog. Write down the kind of blog you would like to see and write your list of topics you would like to write about (music and health, relationships, auto e.t.c). Blogging is all about this you are passionate about and want to share; you also must write down your ideal audience. like to attract as your target audience. This is crucial because it’s the basis for your success.

2. Visit a few blogs Take a tour to other blogs that are in the same niche (field) and check out what they are writing about. Also, look at some of the basic features of their blogs, be aware that you’re not the only one blogging or even the first to blog. people are already there before your time and you have to follow their lead and do it better. You need to remove every doubt that you will fail because you’ll see amazing blogs and be amazed at what they are doing, Rome wasn’t constructed in a single day!

3. Start your first blog. It’s an easy task and i’ll suggest the blogs for free (sub-domain) such as blogger for beginners since it’s free and easy to use, and let your blog URL reflect your niche (if you’re blogging about health, make sure you include it in your blog site name).

4. Make your site more unique and design it to your liking There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that your blog looks stunning. You don’t have to keep your blog in its default theme as it will not really suite your blog’s niche. Blog customisation is very important since it allows your blog to be different from other blogs. It can also increase your reader’s interest in your blog. It also helps your blog to appear professional. It is possible to alter the look of his blog by using templates, or even editing the HTML codes of the template for the blog. it is possible to do this by those who know about the design of blogs. If you are looking to revamp your blog, then you hand it over to any reputable blogger who can assist with the design and have to pay a bit of money to get the job done.

5. Search engine optimisation (SEO) The most well-known word in the blogging industry can be difficult if done properly. SEO is simply you optimising your blog to be readily noticed and scoured by search in order to ensure it is found on the search engine. There are different ways of accomplishing this. You need to create metadata tags for your blog, your blog’s description and back link, search other site for full explanation of this subject.

6. Content is the most important thing! It is essential to write good quality articles and then post them on your blog, and also post on article directories. This can increase your blog’s Page Rank and blog traffic.

7. The AdSense program and the Affiliate Marketing: this is the really thing that make one make money. Signing up to the Google AdSense programme is very profitable and affiliate programmes. Google AdSense is designed for bloggers (blog owners) to allow them to earn profits from advertisements (adverts) placed on their blog sites. The money earned is an outcome of clicks that the user make when they visit your website. This clicks are then calculated to cash and is then paid via check at end of every month by Google international.


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