How To Build an Empire With Blogs

It’s what I hear a lot of How Do I Blog? When you are first starting out making your blog, it’s difficult to imagine how it will become an Empire. We all have these desires of operating an Empire blog, but with the many hurdles to navigate through, over and under and around. We would like to believe that there is no brighter end to the tunnel. Dreams are what keep us going and keep us striving for what we desire. A strong desire to achieve and a resentment of failure keeps us pushing forward to win a trophy.

The process of running a blog can be rewarding, particularly when it’s a blog that offers instruction. However, before we go on teaching, we must figure out just how to build it , and which platform were going to be on. Let’s review a few things that we need to talk about in order to develop the Empire blog.

Domain Registration
A majority of people would like to have a blog that has a dot com name rather than the name of the actual service provider i.e., WordPress, Blog and so on. This is where the registration of domain names comes at. You can register the domain name for around $12 bucks a year and reroute (DNS) the domain name to the hosting company that you have chosen to host it with.

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If you don’t know the meaning of (DNS) is; Domain Name System is the way the distributed naming system is used for both computers and services. It converts IP addresses into domain names.

Site Hosting
You can manage your blog on a free service and never have to worry about hosting your blog. However, it’s a feeling of professionalism and trust in blogs that are hosted under their own dot-com domain and run by an independent hosted service. I suggest you choose an internet hosting provider hosting your blog and one that is friendly for your blog’s platform. If this is not your forte there are videos to guide you step-by-step through the process.

Free Platforms Like WordPress
It’s not hard to imagine you asking; how do you blog? There are few free blogging platforms on the Internet like blogger, Tumblr blog Jux, WordPress, Posterous Spaces and Weebly. There are some that are better than others and deciding which one to use is usually down to your personal preference. But I’ve been using a few of them, and would recommend WordPress because of its versatility and features. There are some websites with video tutorials which will teach you everything you have to know about WordPress from setting it up to themes as well as plug-ins and more, so I wouldn’t worry to much about knowing what to do in this area.

Use Headlines Effectively
Imagine writing the most brilliant piece you’ve ever written in your life, only to see that no person read it. Many of us do not consider the title to be significant enough. We usually relate the title to something to do with the content and this is the best preferred method. However, you should be able to convince your readers that they actually click on it to engage with your post. Before you create your headline, run the keyword search to determine the number of websites are competing for those terms; you could use a phrases like “How Do I Blog?” Make sure you look for fewer websites that actually target your phrase. If you’re in possession of over 900 million websites targeted at the same keyword or phrase It’s a lot of work or even impossible to find a website that is newly-initiated in blogging, to actually going to move up to the top of any search engine.

Enjoy a Great Website Design
When you design your website, attempt to create an attractive website as you want people to not just read your articles but enjoy the design of your site as well. I’ve visited some sites which look awful and it didn’t take me long to move on to another website. Many websites that are visually disgusting only grab an individual’s attention for three seconds or so. Not a lot of time to go through any information but you’re getting the idea at this point don’t you?

Leverage Social Media
Social media is a popular thing these days. just look at the young youngsters using their phones on the street looking down and never look up. A majority of them are talking or texting on Facebook or other social network. When you start with Facebook and other social media channels like Pin, Tweeter, LinkedIn and more. Do not overwhelm them with all sorts of advertising. Rememberthat the majority of these people are your friends and family , and they are going to simply ignore your blog post. An occasional post of interest will help them get moving forward as well as make them like your website and then promote your site on their walls.

Identify Your Niche
Find out what you are interested in and what you would enjoy writing about. This is nothing worse than having to write on a subject you’re not interested in. If you select a subject that you aren’t interested in and don’t like, you’re probably not going to write very much, and as a matter of fact it will die out after about three months. A blog is basically an ongoing diary, and it requires frequent updates. Some of us, when we were young, we had a diary which we used to keep a note in. Well, your blog is simply that. You can make a decision to write posts in it every day or every week. But whatever plan you decide to stick to ensure it’s continuous.

Keyword Research
Once you’ve found your passion, it’s time you to do some Keyword Research. There’s no need to be writing without targeting keywords that people aren’t interested in. Use a search engine like Google and target a particular keyword. Google provides a keyword tool that can be used to target specific terms or phrases. It will inform you what number of users are looking on the keywords. In order to determine this, you must to know how many websites actually contain those keywords. It’s not difficult to accomplish this from here on out. all you need to do is enter your keyword in quotes and that will tell you just the number of websites that actually have these keywords. Search for keywords that are averaging around 55,000 searches per month. This is a little over 1600 searches per day on the particular phrase. If you’re getting only 10% of people visiting your website, that’s about 166 potential customers every day; it’s a good starting point.

Link Building
No links, no visibility. It’s nice to write excellent content and hope people would just discover it. But the truth isthat you have to have reputable websites linking to your website to allow your readers to locate you. The method for doing this is to locate yourself some excellent article directories and start writing articles to make yourself an authority on your field. There are other blogs that allow links , and also link back to your site or your article. For a list of high-ranking article websites , type Google “high ranking article directories” and it should provide an index of the top 50 article directories. This will give you an idea of where to start. sort your list according to the page’s ranking to know which ones rank at the top. Find a good starting point, for instance, five ranking. If you are less than five, simply ignore and go to any official website that has a ranking of five or more.

Blog Comment
It may not be much, however blog comments go far in linking to your site. If you are a part of an established, high-ranking blog that permits you to enter your signature on the blog as a link back to your website and you’re on the right track. When you’re more of an authority on the blog, more people will begin to follow those links right back to your website. Not only that, the search engines will follow those links and you’ll get a higher ranking on search engines. So every chance you get make an effort to increase your blog’s comments.

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