A Snip Of Technology News From The World

Finding news about technology is a breeze today since technology today is evolving so rapidly that every week, there’s more fascinating information than the previous week. In the realm of consumer technology , there are some rumors, some actual news, and a few confirmed scoops which cover each week, and it would be better should we have a method to differentiate between news and rumors.

There have been serious efforts in the UK to cast the anti-piracy web. This is required to sort out the illegal, semi-legal activity being carried out across this country on the internet. Some of them are innocents who are also caught in this huge net of legal tangle. Naturally the innocent companies are making lot of artificial intelligence  noise but the powers be aren’t too open to suggestions in this regard. The current situation is that they are selectively releasing some of the not so tainted companies from the blocked list and this is the sole positive hopes from the situation.

The widespread rumor about cheaper Apple phones is growing more convincing however, many experts believe it isn’t feasible for the near term. The main stumbling blocks in this rumor are the old versions of the devices made by Apple only. These are made cheaper once an upgraded version is released and helps in settling the price battle against other rivals. The system has been successful up to this point, but each day the company has lost ground to competition. May be they will really explore this in innovative ways and bring in the use of more fiber and glass to ensure that the pricing is suitable to the emerging nations as well as a larger and broader customer base.

Google (or the web (as certain experts prefer to refer to it) is determined to break into those grounds it is either not permitted or aren’t gaining enough ground. Schmidt’s recent visit North Korea was an attempt to end the conflict with serious appeals. It’s unclear if he will succeed or not. will be a long time before concluding. The visit was high profile one, and was in direct opposition to opposition from political parties. The relation between two countries is not cordial however, the air of animosity has never stopped or forced businesses from rescinding any of their business initiatives. Many are also positive about the progress that could open the nation to new concepts and relationships with other nations with exchange of thought. There are those who are skeptical.

Samsung, the new emerging star in Smartphone manufacturing is at forefront for producing the device with a flexible screen. Because of the technical challenges they might start with a tablet , and reduce it for Smartphone. There are still a lot of issues left to be sorted out, and it is right to say that it is still in the design process. “When” is an important problem for them and for us right now and there’s yet no definitive answer.

Other activities are taking place to offer faster and smarter communication. Some of them will find customer acceptance to fall flat on their faces. Some will win the respect of the technology of the future and even then the daily updates will talk about the emerging technologies. Follow this, tomorrow is here.


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