The Yoga of Menopause – Alternatives to Hormone Therapy

It’s a big deal when a popular medical procedure that is widely used – HRT for menopausal women – has been recognized as harmful. But this isn’t news to those who have been blowing the whistle on alternative and scientific treatment options for menopausal women for more than two decades. As reported by Newsweek Magazine: “Menopause is not a ‘pathology’, but a passage to power. Like puberty, menopause is a natural – and healthy – change. Wise women the world over herald menopause as a health-promoting event. They see hot flashes as ‘power surges’ and menopause as an intense spiritual journey. Most treatments – including ERT, HRT, isoflavone, and progesterone creams – disrupt this process and can do severe damage to a woman’s health.”

Menopause is a form of illumination

The energy aspects of menopause are of particular interest to me.

As a long-time student in yoga, I am struck by the numerous similarities that exist between menopausal symptoms as well as the popular esoteric aim of “awakening of the kundalini.” Though the ideas presented in this article may appear odd or confusing They are full of powerful information concerning menopausal changes, which lie at the root of the Wise Woman approach. Visit:-

Kundalini is the source of any spiritual experience… Kundalini is an energy type recognized across many cultures, including Tibetan, Indian, Sumerian, Chinese, Irish, Aztec, and Greek. Kundalini is said to be hot, fast big, powerful, and strong. It is present in the earth, every living thing, and in each individual. The psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung called kundalini anima. Kundalini is often depicted as a serpent coiled around the base of the spine However, female mystery stories have it located within the uterus, or the area in which the uterus was when a hysterectomy was performed. When menopausal or puberty occurs women’s kundalini can be challenging to control and could result in a variety of symptoms.

East Indian yogis spend lifetimes studying how to stimulate, or awaken their chakras. This is also known as “achieving enlightenment”. When they succeed, a surge of super-heated energy flows across the spine, and through the nerves, increasing blood vessels, and supplying itself with hormones. While kundalini continues to flow up to the spine, it alters the function of the endocrine, cardiovascular and nerve systems. Not just in yogis, as well as in all women who allows herself to become conscious of it. Menopausal symptoms are a form of awakening. The hot flashes of the kundalini are training sessions.

Are you taking Hormones? THESE HERBS ARE FOR YOU

In the last few years, more and more American women are taking herbal remedies to treat menopausal issues. If you are taking ERT (estrogen replacement) or HRT (hormone replacement) may be surprised to learn that herbal medicine can offer a lot of benefits to these women as well.

Herbs for women on ERT/HRT include those that alleviate side-effects and also combat the effects of the hormones.

Herbal Helpers Counter Side-Effects

The retention of water is the symptom most frequently mentioned to indicate dissatisfaction of hormone therapy. Tea and herbal tinctures such as dandelion or cleavers as well as common foods will not just ease the symptoms, but go to the root of the issue and to prevent the occurrence of.

In tincture form, the Dandelion plant ( Taraxacum officinale) improves liver function and assists in the elimination of any excess hormones you’re taking. When your liver is working properly, the kidneys function more efficiently and tissues do not get bloated. A dose is 10-20 drops within a few ounces of juice or water every day. If you are experiencing any digestive issues, you should take your dandelion in the morning before eating but otherwise, any time is good. You can safely take dandelion every day for months or even years if you need or wish to.

A tincture made of Cleavers’s herb ( Galium molluga) helps the lymphatic tissues that they need to be moving. Relief from edema is usually quick when 20-30 drops are taken in several ounces of water or juice. Repeat the process up to six times per hour when needed. Cleavers is especially helpful for alleviating sore, swollen breasts.

Foods that relieve water retention include (in in order of efficacy) the following: asparagus and nettles, corn (and popcorn silk tea) grapes, cucumbers and watermelon (and watermelon seed tea) celery, parsley black tea, as well as green tea.

Headaches are the second most commonly reported side-effect of hormone use. However, they are a common occurrence for women who are not taking hormones too. Herbs that ease headache without a drug-like action – such as dandelion, milk thistle, yellow dock burdock as well as skullcap and St. John’s/Joan’s wort – are generally considered to be safe when combined with hormones.

Chinese herbalists suggest that headaches can be caused by liver stress. My most effective liver-strengthening herb is dandelion, yellow dock, milk thistle seeds, and burdock. I take each one at a time with 15-25 drops of the tincture at least once a daily, for a period of two weeks. If my symptoms do not improve then I change to a different herb.

A strong tea made from leaves of garden sage ( Salvia officinalis) gives immediate relief from headaches as well as aids in preventing the development of future headaches. It also reduces night sweats. Tinctures of skullcap ( Scutellaria lateriflora) and St. John’s wort ( Hypericum perforatum) alleviate pain and muscle spasms. Utilize 5-20 drops of the skullcap as well as a dropperful or two of St.J’s when you notice the initial sign – and not the first thought of a headache. Repeat the doses every five minutes until pain free. Skullcap can be quite sedative, especially in large doses.

Herbal Allies that help to prevent problems caused by taking hormones

The breast cancer risk is increased by 20% in women who use the treatment for more than five years. The use of HRT for more than five years increases the risk of breast cancer by 40%. Each year of usage increases the risk. Also women taking ERT are significantly more likely to suffer from uterine or endometrial cancers. All women who are taking hormones increase the chance of developing lung cancer and ovarian cancer too. The nutrient-rich herbs like red clover, along with foods such as beans and yogurt can help you maintain a cancer-free lifestyle.

Red clover blossoms ( Trifolium pratense) dried and brewed into a potent infusion (one one ounce herb in the boiling of a quart for at least 4 hours) can help prevent cancer by providing phytoestrogens that counter the cancer-promoting effects of oral hormones. Usual dose is 2-4 cups daily. The infusion is akin to black tea and can be flavor with mint if you like.

Uncooked beans and unfermented soy contain nutritional factors that can cause degenerative diseases and bone loss, soy “milk” and tofu are not recommended. Miso and tamari definitely help in preventing breast cancer, but soy isoflavones may promote it.

Yogurt boosts immunity. Women who consume a quart of yogurt a week have 700% less cancer than women who do not consume yogurt.

Dry eyes are a problem that affects more than 9 percent of women using ERT and over 7 percent of women who use HRT. Risk for developing dry eyes increases by 70% for each year of continuous use. The longer a female takes hormones, the higher her risk. Herbs like oatstraw chickweed, and chamomile can help alleviate and prevent this issue.

Oatstraw tea ( Avena sativa) is cooling and moistens your eyes from the inside out, helps build strong bones too. Make use of one ounce dried herb inside a quart jar; fill to the top with boiling water and cap tightly. Let the mixture sit for at least four hours. Dosage: 2 to 4 cups per day. Refrigerate after straining.

Cucumber slices ease dry eyes. So do the tea bags containing chamomile.

The ultimate ally for those who suffer from dried eyes can be found in fresh chickweed ( Stellaria media), applied as a poultice for closed eyes. Leave on for five minutes or until the plant material is warm (it is likely to get hot). Repeat as needed.

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