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It’s called the International Business Corporation or IBC is in essence an offshore company that is created under laws governed by that particular offshore location. The most important fact is that the IBC can’t do business in the exact offshore area where it’s been created. Many companies are forced to move their operations to offshore locations, to utilize the various benefits offered by offshore locations including asset protection and tax shelter in addition to tax shelter. These are the two major motives to open an account at an offshore bank or for registering as an IBC.

The most appealing aspect of operating the IBC is the fact that it offers the complete privacy of your business and there will be absolutely no tax consequences whatsoever for the profits your business generates. In normal practice it is the responsibility that the lender report its financial health and profits to the government . However, when you operate an IBC however, this isn’t the situation. However, the question is how do you start an IBC and operate it? Where should you register your IBC? And what are the legal procedures for registering an IBC? Visit:-

Different countries have different legal processes and requirements in relation to IBC and the only person who can guide you through this process is your offshore advisor. The laws at offshore locations as well as the required checklist for an IBC, keep changing every now and then. This is why you need an experienced and knowledgeable offshore consultant. The offshore consultant you choose should be able to handle IBCs and always be updated regarding the changes that take place at different offshore locations. The more knowledgeable and the more abreast your consultant is with the guidelines, regulations and changes the better prepared they will be to help you through the steps. For example, Antigua and Barbuda charge 40% tax on profits from registered, incorporated, or continued companies and 2% tax on gross earnings of non-incorporated companies. The percentage could change in 2008 , or by when the financial year. So, your offshore advisor must always have this data in case of any changes. After all, if you’re registering the IBC with Antigua and end up paying more tax on profits than necessary, the whole venture would be completely unprofitable.

In some areas the required documents to be submitted for IBC include original Certificate of Incorporation Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association and the minutes and resolutions concerning the selection of Directors and the distribution of shares, share certificates, copies of the Director’s Registrar, Directors and the Register of Shareholders. There may be additional documents that are required when a court orders an official nomination or director service which could include documents for transfer of shares, trust declarations and appointments of agent or power of attorney. The agent might also be required to provide the corporate seal. In such a case it is crucial to choose a consultant that is trustworthy and knows his way through the complex process of getting an IBC. It is better to invest time and money in an experienced offshore consultant, rather than paying more and employ someone who will misguide you.


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