Your Story to Show Up in Google News

Before we discuss ways to put your business story published in Google news, we should be discussing the reason. It’s obvious that you’d like your business story to make the news.

But why Google news?

Well, first, if your company has tried to boost its visibility in organic Google web search or even Google shopping and shopping, these simple steps can get increase how much publicity you’ll receive, in an area where your rivals aren’t able to easily follow your.

Since you’re already creating written content, you may be able to reap more than one benefit from these. You can create once, and make money in many ways.

Google News is a reliable constant source of visitors and will typically arrive faster, while you wait for things like Google organic search results to show up.

A second reason for reading news is among the main reasons people connect to the internet each day. 85percent of Americans over the age of 18 access the internet according to Pew Internet Research. 78% of those visitors have come to the site for news.

We used to read the newspaper. Today, we browse news websites, headlines we find via Twitter or Facebook, and subscribe via email to receive industry news.

Since the main reason the majority of people are online for is to use search engines like Google it is possible to be tempted to simply target Google natural search, and get completed with your search. Visit:-

But, think about this: if you can find ways to draw more people to see your message generally much faster than your desired keywords ranking – wouldn’t the extra sales and leads be worth your while?

How Do Your Business Story end up in Google News Results?

There are three excellent ways to do this. The first one is to have the press release approved by one of the 50,000 publications sharing six billion clicks which Google News reserves exclusively for their users. (That doesn’t include any additional natural search results.)

For a small fee, there are many press release distribution services that can handle this task for you. The cost ranges from $25 to $200 each time. You may also find smaller magazines that will accept low or free press releases.

If you were to do this every day this could add up to quite a bit of cash. However, this isn’t an ideal method to try the market, and repeat each week.

There’s an easier, faster method.

My favorite way to get an article published by Google news is to have my article accepted by a newspaper that is already on Google News. They are often called Google News publishers.

You don’t have to be an expert in marketing to appreciate the benefits of being published in a well-known publication with the ability to link back to your site, versus the amount of money you’d have to spend in advertising to achieve that degree of exposure.

It’s a bit more difficult to gain access to Google News this way because you may require approval by an editorial staff in order to be considered for publication. Some publications may require exclusive first-time rights to your original content or article. If you’re not a professional writer, or aren’t employing someone full time to write original content, this could be a hindrance.

Acceptance of your offer is not guaranteed. You can see this as a problem or take advantage of the reality that it will make it harder for competitors to mimic your marketing and take your thunder.

You may think “but who would like to read a story about my timeshare company , or pet furniture maker.”

If you’re honest, they don’t. It’s essential to determine the kind of people you want to bring to your website would like to read and write about within the subject related to your product or service.

It can be used for any field This can be applied to any sector. Google News publisher sites focus on everything from business travel to the health of pets. If your area of expertise is so small that you’re not able to nail your niche, then there’s plenty of newspapers that write about the locality of your area. To get around this, simply localize your story – remember, these articles can still appear in web or news search results with the keyword you’ve chosen.

If not, there’s a third method.

It’s possible to go through a lot of attempts and can cost quite lot of money. There’s another way into Google News that, if you succeed, can bring you benefits for future years. Simply create a news site yourself, and have it accepted into Google News.

Brand journalism is on the rise. How can you get ahead of the game and not a newsmaker and instead become the media yourself?

If this doesn’t convince you, what’s a share of the 6 billion+ clicks that Google has set aside for Google news publishers? The sites won’t all get equal visibility. But the possibility of an additional 40,000- 120,000 visitors each month is enough to take the risk when you meet the other criteria.

It is important to note that the Google News publisher guidelines are extremely strict and often sites are disqualified, which is why this is a plan for the long term. So run the numbers for your business and assess if the return would be worth it.

If you aren’t, you can try other strategies. They will allow you to get into Google’s news database, generally faster than you get results from search engine optimization for your own website.


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