Why and How to Perform It?

Since the dawn modern technology blogging online has developed to a greater extent. There is an ever-growing need for digital content since various brands are changing their strategies to market themselves based on the latest trends in the digital world. A variety of methods are used in writing a blog so that it receives the needed visibility by attracting web traffic. One innovative technique which is being utilized by PR teams is to use blog comments. By commenting on multiple other blogs, you get visitors and backlinks to your website, because your comment writer’s name will be evident.

Around 2 million blog posts are posted on the internet in a span of 24 hours. Hence, to grab the attention of the online audience is not a simple task. A lot of times, content promotion and guest blogging do not help the marketing strategy in achieving the desired goal. In such instances you need to think about blog commenting as an alternative marketing method to increase visitors and increase backlinks. Blog commenting should not be an unplanned process and we should be able to understand the strategy thoroughly.

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Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is the process of making comments on other websites which include a link to your website. It is now a crucial component in the SEO world. Even though it’s not a necessity, it helps a lot in generating website traffic.

Benefits of Blog Commenting

If executed properly When done properly, blog comments can be very beneficial for your business and your brand. The advantages that blog comments can bring to a marketing campaign can be:

1. Referral traffic

Commenting on blogs is an effective SEO method that helps build a positive image of a brand. After the alteration of Google algorithms for search, SEO benefits were minor however, blog comments allow you to capitalize on a broader audience as just one click, they will access your blog and browse it.

2. Build Relationships:

The more frequently you post comments on other blogs, the more connections you make with bloggers. This will help build lasting networks and relationships that will work to your benefit on many sites on social networks. Mutual relations prosper and you’ll be able to establish your own community of bloggers.

3. Engagement boosted:

If you make a comment or engage in dialogue with a fellow blogger in turn, you will get similar reactions in your blog posts. This increase the number of people who read your blog and the increase in traffic to your website or blog.

4. Fresh Ideas:

Conversations with bloggers can be an exercise in brainstorming and if they are authentic and enjoyable, then you can get some more ideas about the blog posts you’d like to post for your site in the future. Many bloggers have acknowledged having an idea for a blog from the comment section.

5. Learning:

The blog’s size is limited due to readability issues and hence the blogger isn’t capable of expressing his or her complete thought process behind the concept. Blog comments can teach you more about the subject that you’ve been able to engage with blogging.

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