Getting the Latest News on Playstation 3

The PlayStation 3 is one of the most anticipated gaming consoles of the year. Besides, with the best graphics and sound technology integrated with this gaming console, who doesn’t want to learn more about this gaming console , or perhaps, get one at the earliest possible date?

Gaming consoles are extremely very popular and are among the most enjoyable forms of entertainment today. By using a gaming console, you can entertain yourself when you’re bored or spend some time with your loved ones and family. Imagine being able to play your favorite games with your kids after a tiring day at work. With gaming consoles you will be able to enjoy yourself and play with your children at the same time.

If you’re curious about the forthcoming PlayStation 3, you should know about the latest news about it. PlayStation 3 news is complete with Trending Press details that you can utilize to enhance the gaming experience. The most up-to-date information regarding PlayStation 3 will enable you to find out about the many brand new devices available, and about the different latest games available.

The most up-to-date news on PlayStation 3 today is about the format that it can support. Blu-ray drive is an extremely advanced drive that’s built into the brand new PlayStation 3. This Blu-ray disc drive features one of the latest technology for disc media. It can hold data five times more than the standard DVD. This means game developers will be able to create highly realistic games, with more detail.

Blu-ray drives is one of the newest additions to gaming consoles. However, no other gaming console has the Blu-ray drive other than PlayStation 3. Another advantage of the Blu-ray drive is that it will play almost any disc media. That means the money you spent in your old PlayStation or PlayStation 2 games will be able to be played with your PlayStation 3. What’s more is that Blu-ray drives can play DVD films as well as audio CDs. This makes that PlayStation 3 an all-in-one hub for entertainment at home.

Another important piece of PlayStation 3 news is that Sony will resume PlayStation 3 shipments. At the end of the fiscal year, which is the 21st of March 2007, Sony anticipates shipping an estimated six million systems worldwide. Sony is confident that six million PlayStation 3 units to be sold worldwide is not a difficult target. This is due to the increasing anticipation and popularity of PlayStation 3 worldwide even before the actual release of the hardware.

News of the expected retail price is also out. There are two different configurations for PlayStation 3 that Sony will launch in the marketplace. The first is the standard configuration that costs US$499 while another is the premium configuration that costs $599 in the United States. The major difference between the two options is that obviously the premium version includes more advanced features, such as an upgradeable hard drive of 60GB as well as Wi-Fi built-in capability along with flash memory card reader.

All these and more are available when you log on onto your PlayStation 3 website. Additional information about the launch will be announced shortly. If there is any change to the date of release You will be the first to know when you log on to the PlayStation website.

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