Do You Know How To Choose Diamond Cuts?

A diamond’s cut grading shouldn’t be mixed up with its shape and variety of cuts. Every shape is a certain proportion of critical angles in which diamonds need to be cut in order to maximize fire, scintillation and brilliance. The more diamonds are cut according to these standards, then the more attractive they appear.

But, diamond cuts aren’t the most straightforward aspect in diamond grading one who isn’t a pro. But it plays a great part in determining how brilliant the diamond will be. Cut diamonds with poor quality may appear appealing in a variety of jewelry stores that are surrounded by powerful lighting sources like halogens. But they tend to appear dull when exposed to light sources that are dim, lotion, soap films and makeup.

Chart of the return to light for diamonds

1. Flawed crystal diamonds appear bigger than the rest when seen from the top because they are cut wider and deeper. At first glance, this particular Gemstagram diamond looks larger but is actually very unfavorable to the stone’s appearance. It appears as if glasses that have been placed over dish washers. In addition, it becomes less attractive and undesirable, particularly over time.

But why do some people cut their diamonds in this manner? This could be due to the original diamond may have a shallow form or perhaps a portion of the rough diamond was so flawed which means the crafter has the option of cutting its surrounding.

2. Rough crystal diamonds – look smaller as compared to the first one, as seen from the top because they have been cut more deeply and narrower. However, this cut will provide less brilliance for the stone , which is lower than cut brilliance. Furthermore, this stone is smaller in comparison to other stones weighing a carat.

Rough diamonds are generally crystal octahedrons shaped like cubes. shapes. Professionals cut their stones in this way because the cube producing a 3/4 carat diamond could be cut to a depth and plumb to produce one carat of diamond. Of course, purchasers of diamonds seeking 1 carat stones might end up believing that they’re getting the best deal. But, rough diamonds are derived from this kind of stone from usually only yield 35% of a carat. So, the price could actually be cheaper than real 1 carat diamond stones.

3. Ideal cut diamonds have angles that are calculated correctly in order to reflect the maximum amount of light to anyone viewing it. Diamonds cut in this type appear to be brighter than the those cut in shallow or deep cuts. It is a given they are also bench marks for diamond cut of high quality.

However, to get this kind of result, it’ll require a skilled cutter since positioning all 58 facets in the correct position is a challenge. And just like any other job there are different levels of skills that craftsmen can acquire. Another reason can be that cutting diamonds very shallowly or deeply will mean increased weight, thereby maximizing profits.

Diamond cut encompasses all aspects that deal with the brilliance of the diamond. It is because of this that customers like you should not sacrifice your stone’s cut grade. It is recommended that you get the ideal cut diamonds is unimportant. But it is also imperative that the cut of your stone be at its finest so that your diamonds will shine and look beautiful.


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