Creating Your Own Article Writing Style Successfully!

If you want to succeed in article marketing, your personal style is what will produce results. It’s also a known fact that a lot of people are brainwashed to write in a certain way and that’s the style of those who are successful. It’s true that just because one person is experiencing success in their own way of article writing doesn’t mean following the same path will produce the same results.

At the end of this article, you should be able to know how to:

  • Write in your OWN article style
  • Learn some helpful tips and tricks on what else you can do to spice up your blog post
  • Find the key points to be looking for in your article.

The First Step in Knowing Your Look: Being Yourself!

When writing articles, it’s best to stay professional. Don’t do anything you’re don’t even know about. Being who you are is the first step to successful article writing. This means that if you enjoy having people laugh, then incorporate some of that in your writing. Make sure that it’s a pure, clean humor however.

What should you expect to learn from this initial step? Being yourself is better then to pretend to be someone else. For instance, I always am myself and although I value the opinions of my readers, I am always going to get non-interested readers reading my articles while I am writing.

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Giving Some “Visual” Proofing

One thing I’d suggest is to provide some form of media in your articles. It could be video or sound, but in reality, pictures are worth 1000 words.

What is this got to do with to do with finding your own writing style?

The only thing I’m trying to make is that you should not use only general text. Going off subject for a moment consider using bold text to emphasize key points in your text, or highlight it if you believe it’s an important thing to be revisited periodically.

Simply give your reader an overall picture of the long term is what you’re trying to accomplish.

Analyze Your Keywords

Before beginning to write an article, you should define some strong keywords. This is usually the part where people often become bored and give up in the end. If this sound like it’ll increase your boredom and make you feel more bored, then article writing might not be the best option for you.

You should set aside about one hour for each piece of writing and find keywords that you believe will be the efficient in getting the article found in search engine results. If, for instance, a keyword has a high number of monthly searches and has very little competition (I’m talking around 200k-400k) then you may find a successful keyword.

It’s only an idea. However, I would suggest anywhere between 3-4 of these powerful keywords, and a couple of strong long-tail keywords. The quantity you choose to use is totally dependent on you since ultimately you are trying to discover your OWN writing style.

Beware of Duplicate Content at all costs!

Recently it was brought to my attention that search engines like inflicting penalties on duplicate content. Even though my understanding of duplicate content is not sufficient enough to give you any feedback I’m going to recommend that you not use it, and do so at your own risk. It’s entirely your choice, however, be aware of the potential risks with it.

For those not aware of what duplicate content is, its simply content that has been found to be on more then one domain of a website. To the best of information, I believe the best solution to avoid this is to put your article on a single domain or alter your article somewhat and re-post it. However, remember to take this action entirely at risk.

Write as if you’re in a one-on one sessions…

My personal style of writing has led me to this suggestion. This is, again, just an advice and is intended to help you open your eyes to different ways of writing. Many say no matter how you write your article All articles speak for the audience. That’s certainly true, but my style is generally as if I’m speaking to the reader personally.

Are you marketing your article? Utilize CTA’s

If your article is designed to sell something, be it the product or service it is recommended to utilize CTA’s. CTA is short word that means “Call To Action” and is meant to lure readers into taking an act.

One example of a CTA would be “Click Here Now” or “Signup for this Program” and so forth. When you write your article use these phrases and words throughout your article.

The Last Word

It’s clear that essay writing is a complex process with a variety of things to consider. However, when it comes down on it all, it’s how you mix these elements with your personal style of writing that will help you succeed. I’ve read many blogs that explain ways to create and how they’ve been successful in writing according to their own unique style.

However, as I said at the beginning of this article: your own style will provide your business with the best results. A quick ride on the bandwagon can result in failure, but on the other hand there are those who find success.

In closing this article, I suggest you ask yourself these following 4 questions to identify your own style of writing.

1. Am I being myself? Do I write the way I would want to speak to educate others?
2. Am I using the right keywords I am at ease with? Are these keywords really strong keywords?
3. Am I answering all the questions that would be being asked in the context of this article? Am I writing clearly for the reader to be able to comprehend?
4. Are I providing enough images or media? Does the content have enough impact that the reader would refer their friendsto me?

Even though the above 4 questions aren’t intended as an all-inclusive guide to writing an effective article, their questions should be considered. Take your own advice and make your own decisions.

Good luck with your writing projects for your article. I hope this article has provided you with a more detailed information on how to write an article in your own way.

Dustin Verley is the owner of Wealthy Hustler which is a blog on the internet blog that documents the venture of a 19-year-old to become a successful online cash maker. Through this, he shares his techniques and the many ways of making money online. Visit the site to learn more.

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