Online Examinations – A Pacing Trend

Today, every exam or competition is conducted online and applicants are required to take it with a computer backed with internet connectivity. The process sounds half easy from what it actually is. There are many students that don’t even know the basics of computer-related operations even if they are able to pass an examination.

Different reasons that are attributed to the conducting of these examinations online are explained in the article below. Additionally, a short tutorial summary has been given to those students who don’t know the correct method to complete the online test. This is particularly useful for the candidates who are attempting Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences Admission Test as well as the Joint Entrance Examination this year.

The major reason behind online exam conduct is the fact that a few incidents have been mentioned in the past, which included rigging of exam centers as well as bribing invigilators and inspection teams. Visit:-

Students were caught using unfair means in printed and digital format which led to higher scores. As a consequence, heavy numbers of applicants were on the merit list even after applying for higher cutoff marks.

The other reason could be that conducting an examination through physical means is a costly and time intensive task. Printing of question-papers, answer sheets, optical recognition sheets can be a daunting task because it involves heavy expenses. Furthermore, physical mode of examinations requires significant efforts to ensure the secrecy of the exam and its safekeeping. The possibilities of leakage of question paper are quite high in physical mode in comparison in online mode.

Physical questions are distributed to different exam centers , with an increased risk of leakage of the question paper during travel. While online questions are kept centrally, under different logins, passwords and secured gateways. It is therefore difficult to break all levels of secure logins and ultimately, to access the document. Another advantage is that an online paper is far more easier to manage and doesn’t require unnecessary costs of printing and distribution.

The process of conducting an online exam has another benefit over physical exams i.e. the evaluation of answer sheets as well as the results is faster and simpler. All the correct answers are fed into the central software, which calculates scores by comparing the student’s answers. Thus results are released within a matter of one week compared to the physical mode in which declaration of results could take one month!

Students who will be giving the online examination This year will be required to read the pattern of the examination thoroughly prior to taking the exam. Additionally, they should take the test questions online in advance that will help them understand the method of attempting questions and then giving the answers. Most of the time, the questions are comprised of multiple choices. Candidates must choose the correct answer with the mouse.


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