How to Advertise Blogs Using Blog Directories

If you have a blog, and want to make it big across the internet to draw a wide audience to your blog, there is a chance that it’s becoming harder to achieve this due to the ever-growing competition on the internet.

But, if you market your blog in a smart way, you can dominate niches not that hard, given that you’re hard at work and doing it smartly.

Two ways to promote your blog

With internet technology, the potential of Internet and the Internet, you’re now in a position to promote your blog in numerous ways. For instance, you can participate in forum and promote it in your signature, or even be a solution provider to people with a specific issue that could be solved with your blog. Another method is to announce your blog on mailing lists. Similar to the way you promoted your blog in forum, you can share your knowledge and expertise via mailing list. Both of these strategies can boost and drive lots of people to your blog.

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Advertise Your Blog In Blogging directory

You may also be advised to submit your blog to a variety of blogging directories to drive your visitors to come to your blog.

Similar to the way Google did to index your website in your index, you could put your blog to different directories for blogging to extend your blog exposure. There are a few blogging directories that provide paid or free services. It’s up to you to pick the service you like. If you’re not able to spend any money, or want to try a blog directory first, then submitting your blog to free blogging directory is the best way to start.

How To maximise the value of your blog’s post?

If you’re looking to maximize the results of your submission, you are suggested to submit your blog under the appropriate categories or keywords that are easily searched. This way, people can filter and categorize your blog in a simple manner and you will be able to find readers who appreciate your work as opposed to a casual reader who just wanders through.

How do you submit your blog to directories for online blogs?

Like we said you can select directories for free listings from the beginning. There are numerous blogging directories available, so you do not need to fret over not being able to find a blogging directory. Furthermore, instead, of submitting your blog’s information to a single blogging directory It is suggested that you submit your blog to at least four or five directories, as various readers might prefer a particular blogs and you don’t wish to disappoint any potential readers. It is also a method to promote your blog and yourself as far as possible.

Know your blog keywords

Before submitting your blog to blogging directory, you should be very clear on what your blog keywords should be. It is because people will search using keywords to find your blog’s content. You’ve experienced how frustrating it is to search for a specific information source and you discover that the result is not what you expected. Imagine what a person feels when s/he read your blog and the content doesn’t match their expectations. Do not make this sort of error.

How to drive users away from your blog

In terms of content, imagine how many bloggers who don’t even bother to check whether their blog content is read or not! Make your blog’s content accessible and your blog should be a destination that you can return to time and again. For instance, you must to verify your spelling and sentences that at least make sense to your reader. So, get your blog available to the whole world before submitting to blogging directory.

Read the rules of directories of blogging

Although submitting your blog’s information to blogging directory is very easy, you might not be able to break their rules when you do your submission. If you’re not certain you are, go over their terms of service, FAQ or their about page and you’re good to go. Be sure to follow the rules of their service when advertising your blog

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