Doing Blog Commenting Post Penguin Can Still Be Rewarding

Commenting on blogs on the internet is a popular SEO strategy for quite some time. The intention has been to gain back-links back to your site in order to improve Page Rank and/or improve the ranking of specific keywords for your site’s search engine rankings. Additionally, by using this strategy , you may also generate direct traffic however the primary goal of this SEO strategy has been about the link you would return to your website.

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If you had to look around in SEO discussions about link-building there are many who would be refer to this method for one of easier methods of gaining back-links for your website. The way they describe it suggests that their SEO knowledge is lacking regarding to this particular SEO method. It’s not the thing you do what you do, but the method you use to do it that’s crucial.

To make use of this blog commenting effectively to improve SEO, there’s more than to just post a comment in any blog. Choose quality over quantity. I’ve always believed this. And after the Penguin update in 2012, this is more relevant than ever before.

Do not underestimate the blog research; it is a time-consuming, but crucial job.

To provide you with a visual of how tedious it can be to discover just a few good SEO web sites: when I have a list that includes 15,000 blog domains, I will run the domains through a program that will provide information like domain PR pages, page PR, and outgoing links, but the most important aspect is that the program will also show blogs that are “do-follow”. From the list, approximately 200-600 will display ‘do follow’, the other thousands and thousands of blogs all include the nofollow tag. But the program can only look for a few of the technical aspect, there’s additional to the process than just that, so now is the time-consuming job of manually examining them for criteria like:

1. Is the blog still in operation?

2. Are you still approving of comments?

3. Are the links to comments that are outgoing really ‘do-follow Do-follow’?

4. Is the comment area in Java (if so, the link will not be found by Google)?

5. Are there redirects for the link?

6. Has the blog been bombarded with spam?

7. Does the blog include pages with Page Rank?

8. What are the requirements to make comment (many blogs need registration or a subscription)?

After I’ve checked this, I’ll probably have a list of 50 to 100 remaining that are suitable to utilize, however I do however have an extensive list of blogs I’ve accumulated over the past 4 years . Therefore, I’d just be adding 15-40 new blogs based on an analysis of this volume.

Following this, I’ll start by manually checking the blogs that the program identified as “no-follow” and these will be in thousands. I’m not able of checking all so here I’ll have to choose combinations based on experiences of a usable blog. I typically base my decisions on domain Page Rank Page PR, page title, and so on. When searching the blogs that the program showed as no-follow can be described as fishing. Sometimes I’ll have luck and draw in the big catch.

You will need blogs related to your own niche

* Niche blogs

I’ve always believed in the quality of a blog when it comes to blog-commenting as a SEO strategy, the choice of blogs is vital as you’ll want to receive hyperlinks from other blogs that have an excellent page rank. But, if your blog is in only a narrow niche it is unlikely that there are going to be many similar blogs that meet the requirements of being an SEO friendly blog. A few of the sites you find might not even want to approve your comment because they think you’re a competitors.

* Related pages

Yes, related blogs are one of the best blogs to post comments on, however, a key thing to keep in mind in attempting to improve your website’s link profile is to get links from different IP’s.

Increase the variety of blogs by using authoritative blogs with pages that are related to your website. There are quite many blogs that have sub-sections which can be used. Let’s for example, say that your website’s subject is yoga. You can expand it to include blogs for women and health blogs.

TIP! If you’re operating in a small niche, guest posting can be an excellent SEO strategy as there will be more sites offering quality back-links the right written article.

Final Words

Utilizing blog comments as an SEO technique following the Penguin update comes down to quality in terms of selecting the right blogs to blog on and to also contribute by leaving a high-quality comment. The biggest job will be the research you have to carry out in order to find relevant websites and blogs for your niche.

The advantage is that at this point all you have to do is follow the list you have made and post comments, and the average quality of your websites will be excellent, that’s when and how all of the blog research pays off big time. This is how you can acquire a large number of great links fast and easily.

FINAL TIP! Don’t forget to collect links from various sources, in addition to blog commenting for the sake of building a strong healthy link-profile you must be creative and I’ll repeat it once again, quality is the key.

Daniel works for Luminous SEO Company and writes for Conceptual-SEO about blog commenting []. In the past couple of years he has gained a lot of experience in dofollow blog research and is doing it on regular basis for a variety of websites simultaneously. As at Luminous SEO we are together and, apart from the 2 blog researchers, we also have a team composed of bloggers’ comment writers, blog comment submitters, blog profiles managers bloggers, blog guest bloggers, guests blog post managers and the list goes on. However, it’s Daniel who has been responsible for all the research manuals he and his assistant conducted during the past four years, and is able to comprehend all the variations blogs can provide when it comes to quality, natural links, including anchor text with high PR links. His list of the dofollow blogs on almost any subject is certainly one of the most sought-after blog commenting lists in the world and why we keep it on our site at Luminous SEO Company well maintained and a well-kept in the dark. Since the beginning of time, it’s been vital to establish an appropriate link profile which means that it should include custom-made links and associations This means that you will need to request a seo-quote to receive an SEO-plan for the long-term, designed specific for your niche-market.

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