New England Patriots Gets Involved in the Community

The New England Patriots were caught in a controversy in the last year because they were accused of stealing signals using electronic means which violated the league rules. The team was reported to have recorded defensive signals from players from the New York Jets’ coaching staff who were their opponents then. NFL security personnel were successfully able to seize an camera and a videotape from the video assistant of the team who was thought to be recording Jet’s defensive signals along the sidelines. The evidence of the visuals confirmed the suspicions of this occurrence.

The Patriots have been accused of similar crimes in the past, however it wasn’t proven until the incident in question. They were harshly punished for this and marred their name for cheating large amounts in the National Football League. However, the past is over and now the Patriots are working to get their act together hopefully. Now, the team is focused on playing clean lest they have another situation similar to the one last season, which caused their image to look awful in the NFL. Visit:-

In the spirit of commitment to community this year The team is assisting the Patriot’s Place coat drive for Christmas. Patriot Place retailers collect winter coasts for homeless and needy children from the fans at the remaining games during this season’s regular seasons of the New England Patriots. The drive for community donations is run by Patriot Place to benefit the Cradles to Crayons. The team is encouraging supporters to donate a new or gently used children’s coats during game day.

The team knows that fans warm themselves up by wearing layers of clothing prior to going to the game, and they’d like all fans to share a portion of their blessings by bringing an infant’s coat to keep your child comfortable and safe throughout the winter months. The fans can drop off coats which can be used by infants to 12 years old.

A local charitable organization Cradles to Crayons is in charge of the distribution of these coats to low-income and homeless children. They Cradles to Crayons is a charity that focuses on meeting the needs of poor and homeless children from birth to pre-teen stage. These requirements are the standard need for a child to feel secure and warm as well as valued.

The Patriot Ladies start the celebration by providing hundreds of coats that were collected from Patriot teams, athletes, as well as their family members. Free admission into The Hall at Patriot Place is among the benefits of giving an item. Additionally, Patriot Place retailers offer discounts and prizes to people who donate coats for this particular event.

With the level of community involvement that with the community involvement that New England Patriots are showing the ugly traces of the past will be eliminated from our memories. It’s not a good idea to cheat, but if the team is prepared to change the way they play their game by playing clean and abiding of the rules the game will go good. Strategically it is clear that the Patriots are able to impress their fans, it’s just sad that they have used cheating last year. Hopefully though they have reformed their ways and continue to engage in the local community to boost their standing.

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