New Book Offers Communication Guidance to Enhance Our Lives

Renee Marino’s Being a Master Communicator Balancing the New School Technology with Ol’ School Simplicity is a refreshing take on the communication challenges that have arisen for many of us because of the modern technology. Renee discusses how to utilize the latest technology to improve communication and also when it’s better for us to stick to the older methods of communication.

We’ve all been there-thought we were being scolded because of a line from an email or text that didn’t convey the tone that was intended. Before going down the endless rabbit hole of messages or silence from an acquaintance or loved one it’s sometimes a good idea to consider a different communication method. Like Renee poetically states: “When my brain starts turning into a ball, I must stop and give them a call!”

The book, “Becoming a Master Communicator,” is divided into ten chapters covering communication techniques and situations. One of the benefits for anyone reading the book is that Renee shares personal stories of her own life to illustrate the concepts. In case you didn’t realize, Renee has been a very successful Broadway actor and has even secured the role of Mary Delgado, wife to Frankie Valli, in the film Jersey Boys, after playing the part on Broadway. The story of Renee’s journey to how she learned to communicate to make her career successful convinces me that the tools she offers not only perform but can also lead others to greater success.

Renee starts by examining the various ways people communicate and helps us to determine our own communication style. She discusses the ways technology has altered how we communicate, providing us with many ways to communicate people in person, from conversations in-person to email, phone calls texts, text messages, and video calls. She reviews the pros and cons for each communication method and discusses when it’s best to employ each.

The remainder of the chapters explore how to effectively communicate in different aspects in our daily lives. From personal relationships to workplace interactions and methods for learning to communicate effectively. In the end, the journey to becoming a great communicator not only about communicating, but making use of your communication skills to make you the person you’d like to be. Each chapter is filled with Reflections Sections so you can stop, take notes, and practice the lessons you’ve learned.

The thing that stood out to me was her honesty when discussing communication’s role in dating. A lot of times in relationships, people fail to communicate the person they really are and what they truly want. They fear rejection or discovering that their partner doesn’t want what they want However, Renee points out that communication is crucial in these situations. “I know that being vulnerable can be scary. You may feel that openly sharing your expectations may scare someone else away, and leave you with a broken heart and a lonely mind. Let me ask you an important question: Wouldn’t it be better prefer to know this now rather than 10 years down the line? If you can flip the script and realize that vulnerability is an important element in a strong relationship, you won’t find it as frightening.”

Renee’s conversation about setting expectations in advance is instructive. Today, she is a coach for communication, and she draws upon an example of her own work to make her point. “Now, in my current position as a communication coach, when I teach any course, I ensure to verbally state what those who attend the course and what the course isn’t about. So, everyone is aware of all the details in front of them and no ambiguity exists to cause miscommunication.”

Renee also clarifies that “Communication does not necessarily mean confrontation.” It is just about being honest and transparent about who we are, the things we require and being real. Communication isn’t always about us. Sometimes, it’s about people. Renee believes in the power of kindness, of seeing and acknowledging the actions of others. I love the story she tells of how, after seeing a production of Pretty Woman, she walked out the stage door and saw a woman smiling at her, so she went over to her and signed her playbill. “We started to talk and she revealed that she had been battling breast cancer for many years. After she had shared her story with me, I said”If you can be able to keep yourself in joy at all times this is the most effective option for your health.’ She said, ‘Between watching this show and taking the time to speak to me, I’ve felt more joy than I have in a very long time!'” Renee was struck by how her simple act of kindness made a difference to the woman she spoke to and she returned home the next day feeling completely satisfied. Communication can help transform people’s lives.

In the final segment, Renee shares her story of how she played the part in the role of Mary Delgado in Jersey Boys on Broadway and then landed the same part for the film. Besides showing how she used her communication skills to achieve the dream of a lifetime She also shares her experiences during the filming and how she got to know Clint Eastwood, Christopher Walken and other actors, as well as the communication skills utilized on the set. She also reveals her gratitude to have experienced this experience by saying “anything that we thank God for manifests within our daily lives.”

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