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Spam has become a big issue for search engines, ezine articles websites, and nearly the social networks. How do you prevent becoming a spammer? One of the first steps is to be involved and give back to the sites that you sign up to. Make sure you are polite and adhere to one rule of thumb “If you do like those who do this to you, they’ll not appreciate your doing it to them.” This article was written due to a mistake I made last week.

I am new to the online advertising and MLM marketing game , and like many others, I wanted to make the announcement as quickly as I could, which is why I joined Twitter(c), Facebook(c), MySpace(c) and a few blogs. Initially, I was posting simple ads using my banner ads and text links . However, after a few days I started going crazy and started posting ads everywhere I could. I also made the armature mistake of hooking up my Twitter(c) account to Facebook(c). I received a message from a close friend who said, Hello Dave I believe that you’ve been hacked because there is an abundance of spam appearing onto your page. This shocked me to the core; all of my ads on Twitter was reaching out to all my relatives and friends. Talk about red ink on my face. Needless to say I quickly found how to modify the permissions and turned off Twitter(c) updates to Facebook(c).

The ability to get your message in the minds of the people you want to reach is important . However, taking your time to place your message in front of the right people is more crucial. Please learn from my mistake and refrain from spamming. Use your social networks as a network for social interaction. Create connections with business friends and acquaintances and just update them about what you’ve accomplished in your company as you go along. What I mean is tell them about the new article that you’ve worked for an hour on that was recently posted and let them know that you have a press release. Be kind and let them know that your company recently gave you a substantial discount at the local store and invite your customers to join in the savings. You should be a friend and business associate; NOT a sales person. 

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Twitter(c) is whole different animal when it comes to advertising goes. They seem to like and benefit from it. If a person is following 76,000 people on Twitter(c) there is an increased chance of earning money from posting ads every 30 seconds or because the posts are streamed and never slow. At the time you finish reading one of them, there’s 20 other posts ready to read. My account is used for everything from telling the world that I’ve got a new ezine to “hey just went to the market.”

Next , I’d like to speak about MySpace(c). I’m not too experienced with the program since at first glance it seems like it’s for young people primarily. However, as I began to look into it, I found myself finding more and more businesses and affiliate network networks writing blogs and sharing info and also advertising their ideas and methods. I love the video component of the site since it allows you to embed your own ad video right onto your page. I’m planning to create the page on MySpace to promote my business as well as for other people who are like me to share thoughts and ideas amongst themselves. In contrast to a forum, you can use an mp3 file to play a conference call for your friends or add videos to an event that you were at to let the world know what you have accomplished.

In conclusion it is my humble opinion that if a site is classified as a “social” site and all you signed for was to promote your business , then you should think about rethinking your plan. Facebook(c), MySpace(c) and the other sites out on the market are designed to keep connected with your friends but not for advertisers to recruit others. While you may do it but please be sure to do it with style and elegance. Spamming is one of the ways on how not to use Social Media Sites.

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