Dollhouse Decorating – Neutral Primary Colors

What is neutrality?

At first, there was white, black and all the gray shades that lie between. There was a splash of color to each , and we had tinted grays nearly blacks, and off-whites. Breaking it down further and we are in the cream / ivory / beige plunge into deeper mid-tones, ending with the “ish” shades – reddish and bluish.

Keep in mind that no matter how pale the shade neutrals remain colors, which becomes obvious when you add the other colors and the accents in your miniature room. It is because neutrals don’t comprise just one color but include a variety of hues. Taupe for example is a neutral color that starts as white, then add a little terra cotta (already a mix of brown and orange) and then add some battleship gray, and voila: you end up with the appearance of a brownish or pinkish… you get the idea. taupe.

The significance of Undertones

Pick up a brown rock. From the arms’ length it could appear to be the kind of brown you’d find on the color wheel. Take a closer look and it’s likely to look more like a muted kaleidoscope of earth tones. Visit:-

The same applies to the primary color you’ve chosen for the walls in you dollhouse living room. If the cones and rods in your eyes function correctly, your brain is able to perceive the undertones. But , it’s not clear until you put the accent colors and the secondary colours side-by-side, most likely using paint chips, not after it’s in the wall.

To get a color scheme for a starting point you can use color calculators on decorating and painting websites. However, be aware that the colors you see on your computer screen may not be the same as the paint in the can. I prefer to make my final decision using the paint chips then save money buying the 8 oz.sample cans which cost about $3.00 right now from Home Depot.

Working with Beige

As with all neutral colors, I like to have more than one shade of dollhouse miniatures. Go from light to darker hues on the carpet, walls and large furniture pieces. The walls may be the most light-colored; curtains are a filmy dark hue; the rug is a more dark shade. Due to the small space and the possibility of making a poor choice for color in a miniature is more obvious than a real-life dwelling. However, fixing it is much cheaper. Take note of those sample cans.

Varying textures is important too. If your sofa is made of beige leather, pillows and throws can provide different textures and colors. Mix it up with velvet, burlap, long hair rope, or a large weave. The rug can be long shag or sisal.

Since beige is neutral and neutral, you can pick any color that you like and use it as a color “pop” in a few places. If blue is your favourite color use art on the walls using your preferred shade of blue, then ensure that this color is has the same hue wherever you put it. The blue color in the work should be exactly the same blue as in the vase that is on the side table or in the arrangement of flowers placed on your coffee table.

Gray Is The New Beige

In dollhouse miniatures Beige or gray are completely a personal preference. You still want to use more than one shade of the primary color in the space. Make sure your primary and accent shades work with that primary color.

I really enjoy working with this neutral hue because it seems so fresh, and due to the emotions it can invoke. Log onto the Benjamin Moore website and look for Shades of Gray. For a warm cozy feeling, you can’t beat Cosmopolitan. Need a quick cool down? City Shadow is for you.

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