Top Men’s Fashion Designers

The label’s name is the most important thing if you are adamant about your appear. To identify the “who’s who” in fashion, which names should you look for? Here are the top male fashion designers.

Tom Ford

Ford is the most recent male fashion designer to get his own label. But his claims to fashion were made way before Ford. With his keen eye for fashion and his attention to detail Ford is the one the one who redefined quần áo nam Gucci in the year 1990. After his departure from Gucci Ford began to design his own clothes. Ford’s menswear line includes trendy belts, hats, and leather accessories, as well as suits, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. The designs of Tom Ford are striking vibrant and at the cutting-edge. Jay-Z, Johnny Depp and Howard Stern are just a handful of celebrities who have wore Tom Ford.


Armani is a name that most people have known about. It is because Armani clothes exude the most luxurious of qualities. Armani offers a variety of stylish, sophisticated clothes, jackets, and suits. They also have belts as well as jeans and shoes. Armani brands can be seen on famous faces like Dennis Harper, Clive Owen, and David Beckham. Giorgio Armani is a designer of clothing for men since 1975.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss, although not as expensive like Tom Ford or Armani, is still a brand that men are awed by. Hugo Boss is more affordable than other brands and offers the same quality of styles that include jackets, jeans and pants, ties , and wallets. Hugo Boss is worn by James Earl Jones and Tom Cruise. Hugo Boss offers a wide selection of clothes that fit all kinds of males. Since 1924, the company has been bringing great style to males.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a trusted brand that offers affordable and high-quality clothes. The collection for men includes socks, shirts and tie-ups for men. Ralph Lauren has the right clothes for you. Ralph Lauren clothing reflects the spirit of the man. It makes sure that each stitch is flawless and his beauty is evident. Since the year 1967, Ralph Lauren has been creating clothes.


Burberry clothes can be found everywhere however, it is manufactured in Europe. The fashions of Burberry are heavily influenced by British fashion and culture. Burberry is an iconic brand that is fascinating. Wearing an Burberry piece is a means to create a unique unique style. The year was 1891 when the very first Burberry store was opened. It was the beginning of the end for Burberry. Burberry is worn by a variety of famous people including the president Barack Obama, Zac Efron, as well as Clay Aiken.

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