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When Jesus arrived and introduced Christianity to the world, Christianity it was accepted by the crowds as an incredibly wonderful news. A large number of people gathered around him to listen to the words of life that he shared. After he was crucified and his followers continued to preach and teaching his ways and were also greeted as the bearers of good news.

Of course , not all people were thrilled by the new doctrine. The established religious system of the day opposed it in a violent way, even putting many to death for preaching the words of God. They beat, whipped and shackled many who chose to accept or preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. But despite the pain caused, they were unable destroy this teaching or halt the spread of the good news.

One of the accusations made against the early teachers of this gospel was that had “Turned around the globe” with this gospel (Acts 17:6). Indeed, the new doctrines that were a part of the message of Christ were a good thing and extremely powerful.

A lot of people be open to many different opinions however, not many would prefer to be subjected to humiliation, torture, or even death, rather than renounce their convictions. However, that was the sheer magnitude and impact of this positive news.

Take note of the condition of the apostles following Jesus was put to death. They were subdued , and they gathered in Jerusalem contemplating what they should do next after their teacher and Lord were taken from them. Then, when they were all gathered on the day of Pentecost The Holy Spirit, abounding with an enlightened power God over them, turning them into powerful and charismatic preachers of the good news. Peter stood in front of the crowd, and while he was sermon on the day, 3000 people turned to the Lord upon hearing the gospel’s good news (Acts 2:4-42).

The power of the gospel message of Christ that it is not merely called good news but it’s “Great Good News”. Visit:-

Never before or since has seen an effective message like the gospel message and the truth of Christianity.

What makes this message so effective? Man suffers from all sorts of evil, both inside and outside. Man suffers at the hands of other people as well as at his own expense by falling prey to the desire of his own flesh. Man is sick, suffers illness and death, which are often caused by his own passions and desires. Man is constantly guilty of lying and cheating, jealousy and jealousy, and also commits crimes of adultery, murder, drug abuse, theft, insurrection , and other forms of criminal acts. As a consequence of these and many other factors men are always under stress.

Take a look at the evening news or take a look at a paper and you’ll be able to see the evil and sins that are prevalent in the world that is ensnaring man. It is tremendously difficult to look at or read these things. The tension and pressure increase until most people reach the point at which they wish it could all go away or they’d get out of the stress.

Being free from the burden of stress is not just good news it would be Great News. This is precisely what Jesus and his followers offered in their teachings, and why the people flocked to hear these words of the great news of the gospel message of Christ.

The truth of the Gospel is that it is about freedom, and it is available today like it was those times. The good news of the gospel offers freedom from bondage, freedom from guilt, stress and freedom from the burdens of the world. If you’re free from these, you will have one thing that the world cannot offer you… tranquility.

For those who believe in the gospel truth, there is an inner peace, which comes from knowing Jesus and implementing his principles throughout your life. When you’re at peace inside, it no longer matters what the world throws at you because it can’t affect you unless you allow it to. Peace within in these days of great calamity and turmoil is truly great news and a real blessing to those who receive it.

However, there is many other things you can find with the gospel message Christ. Christ offers hope for a better future, as we live in this present world, and into eternity in an eternal place in which there is no suffering, illness or death, nor any other form of evil.

The best news of all is that it is open to anyone and anyone who decides to seek it through Jesus Christ. Truly the Gospel of Christ is not only good news, it’s GREAT news.

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