Green Building Can Put Green

Green building is a great way to save money. Just make sure you plan ahead, pay attention to details and don’t make mistakes that will cause your project to go bankrupt.

Your main protection as a builder is a well-written agreement. It should outline the objectives of the project and who is responsible for each task. Open discussions between the contractor and the designer should be held to discuss the green aspects of the contract. Also, it is crucial to determine who will file the greenness certification paperwork. You will need to pay a fee and complete complicated paperwork in order to file the application. It is important to indicate in the contract who will be responsible for filing and paying for the green certificate.

Will the Reliable Referenced Standards Please Stand Up?

It’s not enough that you say the project will be environmentally friendly in the contract. You must also state the standards the project will strive to meet. Is it LEED, GreenPoint rated, NAHB Green or any other standard you and your clients decide to use? Online classes are available for LEED certification. The NAHB recently published National Building Green Standard. They, along with the ICC, have been awarded certification for this new standard. The National Building Green Standard describes all steps required to achieve four levels of green certification — silver, gold, emerald, and gold.

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Developers and owners often plan to receive federal and state tax credits as a response to green building. It is vital to be aware of the requirements for incentives that they are seeking, as different government agencies may follow different standards. Some municipalities may need LEED certification or equivalent to be eligible for tax credits. Other municipalities may prefer the NAHB Green. The battle continues for the Green standards, until one agency is victorious. It is best to verify what the local municipality requires.

Builder Beware

Make sure the owner understands that you are not able to guarantee that his project will receive a green certificate. Many of these standards were not developed until recently and can be difficult to understand, let alone to build to. Many products listed may not be available for warranty as they are new or unproven. A builder should never make a promise in writing that they will build or conform to a specific green level. That implies that you can guarantee that it will be achieved. The standard might be stated in writing. It is possible to include a clause in your contract that states that the materials you plan on using are unproven and not covered by long-term warranties.

Green Subs On Board

Make sure that you refer to the exact requirements of green certification in subcontracts. So that subs know the exact requirements for green certification, and they are all on board. When soliciting bids, make sure that your subs are aware that this is a green project that may require new equipment, materials, or methods. Discussing the requirements in advance with subs will help improve the team’s efforts to reach the green certification goal. It will also reduce the risk that they will revert to their comfort zone, the old way. This is the best way to avoid getting certified if something goes wrong.

With some diligence you can quickly become proficient in a rapidly growing area of construction contracting, where your services are in demand and where there is money.

Bill Grote was a laborer. He also worked as a carpenter, house painter and property manager. He is currently a marketing specialist for Craftsman Book Company.

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