A Must Read Review About Samsung C3050

Samsung is well-known for its low-cost mobile phones and well yes they are also known for their stylish phones too. It’s always good to hear about the new Samsung phone releases since they will feature something different. Samsung has achieved a high quality market with its AMOLED display phones and on the other hand using low-cost phones. Another great feature of Samsung is the smartphones they introduce and almost all the phones are successful, Cory series is the most popular of all. Samsung C3050 is one such low-cost phone that has attracted numerous mobile enthusiasts to the phone in recent years.

Samsung C3050 is fully made of plastic which is the biggest disadvantage of the phone. Samsung has made even the keys from plastic. There is no explanation for why this has been done but it is speculated that this was done to reduce the price on the device. It’s quite difficult to use the buttons Samsung lader as they are made of plastic, but it is not too tough to operate. The phone comes with a 2 inch TFT screen which occupies most of the phone. The keypad is situated within the top slider panel. The slider works well when compared with the other models by Samsung and can be said that it is far superior to other models. The central big button present facilitates easy navigation through the menu and two keys are present on each side of the central button. The phone is equipped with an 0.3 Megapixels camera at the back panel without a flash light. The image quality isn’t that much good as it had grains even when taking photos during day time. The volume control is on the left hand side of the phone. The speaker is on the right.

Samsung C3050 comes with an internal memory of 20MB, which is expandable. This phone supports formats like MP3, WMA, ACC and WAV. The phone has an MP3 player, which provides decent hearing. The phone also comes with additional features , such as FM Radio, Calendar, alarm clock and calculator. Connectivity is provided through Bluetooth, GPRS and EDGE. The phone can manage 1000 contact books storage. Samsung C3050 does not feature any games by default but it is able to be loaded with games.

The major drawback to the phone is its plastic body. There have been instances where the phone has been damaged. The other major issue is call quality. The call quality is bad, making it sound awkward at times. The issue of dropping calls is frequently reported by the users which also pull down the popularity of this model of Samsung C3050 in the market.

One of the main advantages of this phone are the Batter backup times. Samsung C3050 offers a good batter backup time of about 10 hours, and a stand-by time of 2 weeks. Price of the phone is the second main advantage because you won’t be able to find a slider at this much. If your goal is to purchase a slider phone that is cheap phone, then you can choose the Samsung C3050 without any doubt.

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