Serenity Relaxation Massage Chair

Omega massage just launched the brand new Serenity Relaxation recliner. This beautifully constructed massage chair comes with a swivel base. It is a recliner that is not in any way like the typical massage chair. The Serenity relaxing chair is quite a showpiece and can match the decor that you have in your living space or office beautifully.

The Serenity massage chair from Omega is quite extraordinary. It’s not only an elegantly designed recliner beneath the hood, it comes with a range of different massage techniques. It also has a remote control panel that is built in the armrests. This allows you to reach every control of the chair.

The Serenity massage chair is equipped with a powerful recline. Press one button, and it’ll recline you backward while elevating your legrest. This is a great option to relax.

Settle back into that zero-gravity posture. Zero gravity has been proven to help distribute the burden of your back. This relieves tension that builds up in the concentrated areas of your spine. Visit:-

It’s simple to unwind and relax in this Serenity Massage chair. It comes with headphones and an MP3 player. You can download your songs to the included USB stick, then plug it in to the control panel. Place the headphones on and let the chair relaxation begin.

A great way to relax your muscles is with warmth. Massage chair includes built-in heaters. This is a soothing way to relax your muscles and to reduce swelling in different parts of.

There are also a number of massages that can soothe your body and relax your mind. The Serenity has seven airbags that provide a gentle and relieving air compression massage. Allow the gentle and soothing air pressure ease your minor aches and pains.

For a more energized experience Try the vibration massage. There are three different automatic vibration massages. Each one is programmed to provide greater muscle stimulation. There are eight motors that vibrate used to relieve the lower back.

The base for the swivel is made out of wooden. It’s also a match for it with the chair back. Also, the chair back is one pieces of timber. Both are an apricot red hue. The grain is extremely well created on these chairs and stands out quite clearly.

Its Serenity massage chair is beautiful in its lines and will complement any home decor or office. It’s available in white, black and brown. It is an ergonomic massage chair that can be placed in every room in your home.

In contrast to most massage chairs this Serenity massage chair is truly an outstanding design. It is not it’s a massage chair. It’s slim and has gorgeous lines. Most massage chairs look big and bulky, but it’s not the slim-looking Serenity chair. This is a refreshing alternative to the traditional massage chair models are put in the gym or garage.

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