The Advantage To Living In A Small Town

A few years ago an extremely wise person advised me to ultimately travel extensively, and learn many things. She also said to not forget where I was born, to not forget the things that mattered in life. Visit:-

At the time, I didn’t understand what she meant. I was a teen and living in a tiny town in the southeastern part of Indiana. It was rather small to me. It was the only thing there were basketball hoops and corn fields.

There were a few of what we now consider to be the modern necessities of the modern world, like restaurants, theatre, etc, the finer things that we can find in our lives. It took several years before I finally realized that a wise man was right.

Many say that people living in smaller towns tend to be small-minded or old-fashioned, stubborn and many of the diverse negative characteristics we attribute to those who are different from us.

Having lived in both communities that include large cities as well as smaller towns, I have found it does not matter where you reside or what you’re a part of there are narrow-minded, stubborn people on both sides of the aisle. whether liberal or conservative, white, male female,rich or poor and it doesn’t matter. The people who claim another person is narrow-minded will be most narrow-minded.

Having said that, there are many advantages to living in a small town.

One of the biggest things in life are the small things, and many believe living in a town that is small is an insignificant thing. it is the place to be for little minds.

A small-sized community is a great way to stay closer to the land, and closer to nature. There are many who follow the American Indian philosophy that says that we’re losing our way due to the fact that we do not live near nature or the land. It is my belief that this is so, and it is awfully hard if not impossible for a person to live in close proximity to nature when you live in a high ten story building in the city. Sure, you could go to the park and socialize with thousands of other people, but it’s not the same as being located in the middle of nowhere.

The most important things in life are family and friends, as well as the time we spend with them.

This culture is most likely to develop in a small community in which people live near one another, and who have enough the time to develop these connections.

My high school graduating class included fifty-three people. In large part, we have remained close over the years, even though some of us are now living many miles apart in different areas of the country.

I consider them to be some of my closest friends. That’s something that many that grew up in larger communities could say and many of them don’t even know one person or have seen them since their high school graduation.

While it’s true that it is true that we may meet new friends in the process, they don’t replace the ones we grew up with, and they have the best connections.

I’m still surrounded by friends within that small, quaint community although I don’t visit there as much as I’d like. No matter when I walk into Osgood Grub Company, the Napoleon Tavern or the Osgood Grub Company I’ll meet lifelong friends.

That is unbeatable.

I’ve traveled around the world in search of my truth, or my truth throughout which I’ve been able to study with Aborigine elders, native American Indians, and some of the most gifted intuitives in the world. All of this has helped me to better comprehend our world and everything that is contained.

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